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A year ago there was a case...


The joint business of Sergey and Marina Glyadkov began almost 10 years ago-in 2010, the couple decided to engage in the production of unusual clothing that allows you not to freeze in the cold to -60 and does not drown. Before that, the family was divided: the husband keeps a shop in the city of Zarechny, Sverdlovsk region, sells shoes, his wife runs a local TC "Coin". The idea to move away from pure trade came gradually, Sergey recalls: first, fatigue from the store accumulated, and secondly, intuition prompted: unsinkable suits will be in demand, and there is a need for them. The businessman himself was engaged in hunting and fishing, went to the Northern places, and felt on his own skin: special equipment would not hurt.  

The idea came to life spontaneously: Sergey understood that it was necessary to materialize what was in his head — he came up with the internal design of the suit, thanks to which the clothes and keeps the person afloat. In addition, he said, some special education had not only engineering. Through a friend, the man found a small garment manufacturing in Zarichne as I could, explained to the seamstress that wants to make, and they made him patterns. However, the specialists did not understand what should be inside the suit, and the businessman had to make the design himself:  

I went to the store, bought a sewing machine, never sewed before. In General, literally on the knee did the first samples. We started with demi-season suits, then summer and winter models were added to them. And at first the main quality was just unsinkable. 

Pilot suits run in on themselves, says Sergey Glyadkov. He also personally was a model for a poster: to demonstrate the properties of the costume, it was decided to take a photo shoot on location. But the local lake bloomed, and had a long time to look for another place in the heat.



As a result, the photo turned out to make a career nearby, it is tired of the sun Sergey lies on the waters of the career in his suit as a tourist in the Dead sea. This photo is still relevant and is used for promo companies, says the businessman. And he adds: the development of the brand also had to do on their own. Although at first it was an idea to hire specialists who came up with trademarks for well-known companies, but in fact it turned out: they offer what they like, not the customer, and also put an inhumane price tag. "We decided that we will cope on our own. Do not philosophize slyly, called the brand Raftlayer — from the English "floating layer". Simple and clear, " says Sergey Glyadkov.  

The first products under the new brand went to stores that sell gear for hunting and fishing — the points were called, offered their costumes. Party sewed outsourcers-Vietnamese-in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg, says the businessman, worked more than a dozen garment factories with immigrants from South-East Asia. Sergey through a friend went to the production in the village Shipilovo:

About 100 people worked there, and this is equivalent to 300-400 Russian specialists in terms of efficiency. Plus in Asbestos there was a factory with Vietnamese — there still the person 120, and we too gave the orders in peak periods: demand rise usually begins in the fall, in the summer we see, on the contrary, recession. Marriage Asian Shvetsov almost never happened, the Vietnamese great motor skills, our to learn from them! And the performance is amazing: it is necessary to plow 20 hours-will sew 20 hours, it is necessary day-no question. 

So it lasted five years, but then the businessman decided to stop cooperation with the Vietnamese — everything has a limit, he explains, it was very hard to work with them. When you give the Vietnamese order and agree on the terms, they pretend that they understand you perfectly. And then, when the time comes for calculations, the picture is often the opposite: obligations "do not remember", go into unconsciousness, shares Sergey Glyadkov. In addition, after the crisis of 2014 and a sharp currency jump, good Vietnamese specialists began to leave Russia, and the new ones did not rush here.   

"Bruised all over grandma" and the story is not about the money

By the time of the break in relations with Vietnamese factories Sergey Glyadkov was ready to open his own production in Asbestos. In this city, he explains, there were many garment enterprises, and therefore, the focus of personnel. Also the suits are constructed in at least — there are three models released under the brand Raftlayer, plus the company is a small Playground in Zarechny, where up to 10 seamstresses (can produce about 300 items a month).


In total, all these capacities allow the company to sew up to 1 thousand suits monthly. Over time, the brand expanded and product range: began to sew clothes for skiers — warm, but light and shockproof, urban costumes in different colors, not only the favorite hunters and fishermen camouflage color. Now strengthen the children's line: develop a collection of clothes that will be especially protected from the blows of the nape and coccyx. 

"This design has been tested for a long time, we make costumes for extreme winter sports. A year ago there was a case: the person went home, was in such suit, fell asleep at a wheel, left on an oncoming traffic. The collision occurred, the car in the trash, and he is alive and without fractures. Only, as the saying goes,"bruised the entire grandmothers." My son got in the same suit under the ATV - no abrasions, nothing. There is an idea to make such models for the elderly-they also often fall, break bones, then recover for a long time. There is a demand, let's see how it is possible to implement from the point of view of the economy," says Sergey Glyadkov.  

The company also produces specialized costumes for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. Enter this niche deliberately businessman did not even think, but met with a practicing neurologist Elena Aronskind, head of the medical center "Healthy childhood". She offered to try to improve the orthopedic suit "Atlant", the only one in Russia at that time. The product was not very convenient, and Elena Aronskind explained the task to the businessman. He took over.

The bottom line is: create a compression crimp of the body to increase blood flow to the brain. In the "Atlanta" were used just the fabric that we made on the sides of the rubber camera — when they are pumped up, the whole body compresses very tightly. The effect can be seen immediately: without a costume child can only stand on tiptoe, it stands up to the entire foot. We also removed the lacing: previously it was necessary to lace the whole suit, adjusting it to the child, it took 20-30 minutes, and you need to wear a suit a couple of times a day — who will stand it! We did the zip, rubber stretches everywhere — has become easy and comfortable, worn for five minutes. At one of the exhibitions I was introduced to twice hero of the USSR Andrei Averyanov — he created a prototype of "Atlanta", a suit VKK6, which was used in the space industry for the training of pilots. He was surprised how we improved the model, praised, - says Sergey Glyadkov.  


And emphasizes: costumes for rehabilitation-the story is not about money, rather, a social project of the company. It happens that a businessman gives products to the needy for free. Orders for costumes come mainly from private customers, the geography is wide-recently sent the product to Israel. To go with the costumes in pharmacies and medical centers are not yet able doctors should be encouraged to recommend these products to patients, said Sergei, as a small company to break the system is not possible. However, the subject of intekhno, OOO drops: together with the institutions of St. Petersburg is the development of suit "Exo-support" — a kind of external skeleton, which will be able to ask the right direction the wrong standing bone due to the twisting of torsion bars.      

"An approximate analogue, the simulator Lokomat from the Swiss company, costs from 15 million rubles. This is a robot with a treadmill. It has a lot of negative reviews: there are cases of femoral neck fractures. And the course of treatment he has only 10-15 days, and rehabilitation should still take place constantly. If we make our product and pull it out at a cost of 15-20 thousand rubles, it will be a huge step forward. In principle, it is real: we sell Atlant suits for 5-6 thousand rubles, and analogs can cost and 40 thousand, — the businessman notes.

Putin, Serdyukov, Colombians and Economie vests

The sales channels of intekhno, OOO is also increased gradually. Almost immediately after entering the market, Sergey Glyadkov began to carry his products to various specialized exhibitions with an eye to promising acquaintances and contracts. Bet played: at the exhibition of weapons "KADEX-2012" in Astana, the company showed, among other things, unsinkable bulletproof vest 6A class (protection from sniper rifles). Very heavy stuff, 13 kg, Sergey recalls, plus a man and 25 kg. of simulated ammunition — all rested on the water. Then "Intechno" concluded a state contract with the Ministry of defense of Kazakhstan.

We made deliveries of our suits, I know, they were tested there by soldiers: in the frost under -50 they were driven out at night in the steppe near Astana. No one froze, the military normally slept. Our products are bought and rescue services, Yakut, in particular. We have long been cooperating with the head of the service Nikolai Nakhodkin, he helped with the certification of our costumes for compliance with the requirements of the state Inspectorate for small vessels (GIMS). Products passed all tests, results are sent to Moscow, in October to the certificate assigned number. That is now officially possible to be on any ships in our suit without a life jacket - says Sergey Glyadkov.


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